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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems acquire monitoring data from wind turbine sensors and generate valuable information to manage and maintain wind turbine functionality. SCADA system data is also used to identify failures in wind turbines. This course examines the construction of the SCADA system and teaches about the complexity of data format and data analysis. The course also examines how SCADA data design, plan, and implement effective, efficient, and economical wind turbine maintenance. 

Course Outline
1. Architecture of SCADA System
2. Wind Turbine SCADA Data
3. Analyzing SCADA Dataset
4. Identifying Failures in Wind Turbines
5. Wind Turbine Performance Improvement using SCADA Data
6. Case Study - SCADA Data Analysis
7. Conclusion

With 20 -35% of lifetime costs, operations, and maintenance incur significant expenditures during the lifetime of a wind turbine. Therefore, there is a need for novel strategies to control such high costs and improve operations and maintenance practices. Predictive maintenance, where maintenance is done in anticipation of failures and thus circumvents failure occurrences, is now seen as a significant cost saver for this industry. This workshop evaluates strategies in predictive maintenance for wind turbines and their implementation. 

Topics include:
1. Fundamental Maintenance Schemes
2. Fundamentals of Predictive Maintenance
3. Strategies in Predictive Maintenance
4. Importance of Data Analysis
5. Case Studies for Predictive Maintenance and Planning Maintenance
6. Conclusion

Time: 4 hours 
Language: English
Mode: Online
Cost: $150.00